Macy Wired For Sound

For most bands, the only thing that matters is swiping ripe berries from the public garden. But Macy Wired For Sound is dedicated to one, fateful goal: finally getting rid of those zombies out back.

a bit about all ages

hey guys!!

i wanted to find a good way to communicate directly with y’all, and i figured this feature on the website wouldn’t be such a bad place for that. hope i don’t sound like an out of touch dad, sorry, i’m bad with computers.

anyhow, our third single, “all ages” is dropping in a week. i’m excited, terrified, and both at the same time, but i’m mostly proud. all ages was the first song written for macy, and it holds a very special place in my heart. it was born in a very, very dark place, and was written when i was i existed in one. however, the song isn’t about living and building roots in those dark places. it’s a universal “fuck you” to the people who say you can’t get better, that the darkness is permanent, and the thoughts in your head agreeing with them (because, honestly, that is all utter fuckin bullshit.)

the music surrounding those meanings is also, in my opinion, ridiculously good. i’m so proud of how this song evolved from my shitty, out of tune iphone demo to a fully fleshed out song that my best friends and i built together. like our other singles, all ages works because we work together. i'm proud of us, i'm proud of everything we've done, and i'm proud of who we are.

anyway, i hope you let this song into your hearts, and i truly hope that it impacts you in a way that is positive. trust yourself, trust the process. 

cheers, folks. see you on the bright side.